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February 2010

February 1st, 2010

But as for me, I will enter Your house through the abundance of Your steadfast love and mercy; I will worship toward and at Your holy temple in reverent fear and awe of You" Psalm 5:7

While traveling through our valley with Serenity, I had my moments of self pity.  There were times when I cried out "Why Me Lord?"  I had always tried to live my life according to the way I thought God would want me to.  Although I'm not perfect, I truly tried to live a Godly life. So when other women around me, who boldly portrayed their lives as NOT so holy, started having perfectly healthy babies, I became envious.  "Where is my blessed life?  Why are their babies healthy?"  I had my moments of self pity. I had my moments of guilt.  "What did I do to deserve this?" Then one evening God spoke to me through a story.  When Jesus came across a man who was blind, his disciples asked him. Lord why is this man blind? Is it because of his sin or the sin of his parents? Jesus replied.. Neither his sin nor the sin of his parents, but so that the Father might be Glorified through the Son.  God spoke to my heart in that moment.  He said.. Feel honored my daughter.  For this takes great faith and I have chosen YOU to bring me Glory!
It was in that moment that realized this had absolutely NOTHING to do with ME.  It wasn't a punishment. It wasn't because of something I did wrong. It wasn't just a fluke.  It had nothing to do with my character.. good or bad. God allowed it for one reason....So the Father would be Glorified through His Son!

So often we forget the essence of who He is!  So often we worship Him for the wrong reasons.

God is a Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. John 4:24

 Worship is more than just a song... more than lifting our hands in praise.  Worship is an act of obedience.  Just being obedient to Him is an act of worship.  What did Jesus say? If you LOVE me you will obey me Love is the backbone of true Worship!

We know the word tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people. We are to praise Him in ALL things.  How many times have we tried to manipulate the Holy Spirit?  I will praise you through this storm, but just do this for me.  I've been guilty!  When I had problems in my marriage... or... When Serenity was in the hospital  I offered Him praise.  I did my very best to obey His commandments. I had a heart of repentance. I wanted to live a Holy life.. because I wanted God's blessings!  I'm not saying that it's bad.. but that sometimes we get so caught up in the carnal things of this world that we forget what's it all about!

In the still of the night, while waiting on Serenity's healing when God asked me.. Would you still love me? That's when I realized... It's not about what I have or lose in this world....It's ALL about Jesus!

It's about loving Him no matter what storm comes our way. It about laying out our hearts completely bare for Him to see.  Worship is an intimate act of pure holy and reverent LOVE!  That is the true HEART of WORSHIP!

The secrets of his heart are laid bare; and so, falling on [his] face, he will worship God, declaring that God is among you in very truth. 1 Cor. 15:25

Once we acquire the true heart of worship.  Once we surrender everything and just LOVE Him.. that's when we will want for nothing.  That's when the blessings start to rain from heaven.

O fear the Lord, you His saints. For there is no want to those who truly revere and worship Him with godly fear. Ps 34:9

It's time to get back to the true Heart of Worship! It's time we forget about our needs, wants, and desires.  It's time to surrender it all and Just LOVE Him!

when the music fades
all is stripped away
and i simply come
longing just to bring
something that's of worth
that will bless your heart

I'll bring you more than a song
for a song in itself
is not what you have required
you search much deeper within
through the way things appear
you're looking into my heart

I'm coming back to the heart of worship
and it's all about you
It's all about you, Jesus
I'm sorry Lord for the things I've made it
when it's all about you
it's all about you, Jesus

I'm coming back to the heart of worship.
I'm sorry Lord for the things I've made it when it all about you... It's all about YOU Jesus!

February 2nd, 2010

While uploading photos from my camera, I came across some more interesting photographs.

                Now whose cute little mouth could that be?

                      What about that sideways nose?

              Now how do you suppose she did THAT?

              Hehe.. She's so funny! Onery... but funny! :)

February 6th, 2010

So what do you get when you allow your children to watch American Idol?

      You get a three year old named Serenity who LOVES to sing....

"Pants on da ground.  Pants on da ground... looking like a fool wit cha pants on da ground"   EVERYWHERE WE GO!  Then of course once she has everyone's attention, she has to add a very LOUD...
           "WOO HOO! I'M GOIN' TA HOLLYWOOD!!" 

Which is immediately corrected by Eli, as he rolls his eyes and says... 
"Whatever Reni.
.. You can't go to Hollywood!"
                  "At least NOT wit cha pants on da ground!"   :)

February 8th, 2010

Last week we seized an opportunity for some family time.  My parents had to take a business trip and invited us to join them.  We are very close to my family.  We talk every day and see each other at least 2 or 3 times a week.  The kids absolutely LOVE spending time with their Nanny and Papa.  So it didn't take long to convince us to tag along.

   In between meetings, we managed to squeeze in some family fun time.  

We had so much fun checking out all the different museums.  The gangster museum was very interesting and Noah LOVED handling the Tommy gun.  The antique bath house was also very interesting and the science museum was a blast.  The places were great... the food was good. However, I would have to say that the greatest part of the trip would simply have to be....

                       Bonding with the ones we love the most!

February 11th, 2010
"Do not fret because of evildoers,  Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.  For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, And wither as the green herb. Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.  Delight yourself also in the LORD,  And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD,  Trust also in Him,  And He shall bring it to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light,  And your justice as the noonday. Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him; "   Psalm 37:1-7  

"Delight yourself also in the Lord"  Take pleasure in serving Him! Not because you have to, not because you're told to, not because you WANT something from Him, but because you truly enjoy serving Him.
 Do not wish you were on the other side of the fence.  Do not envy the happenings of those who are worldly.  Take PLEASURE in serving your King... through mountains and valleys... through rewards and tests.  Do good... WANT good.  "Commit your way to the Lord"  Surrender your will....Commit to HIS way.  When you are committed to Him. Your heart is Aligned with the heart of Christ.  His desires become your desires. Trust fully in Him. Recognize that He IS your ONLY source.  His faithfulness FEEDS you! Rely fully on Him. Focus your eyes on our Lord. Do not become anxious! Instead...Rest in confidence KNOWING  He WILL bring it to pass.  Wait patiently, even if it seems long, wait patiently with Faith....
"And He shall give you the desires of your heart." 

Just thinking out loud....:)

February 12th, 2010


              "Mommy,  Did you know Jesus gave me Nanny? 
         "Jesus gave her to me because I Love her and She loves me."

                                               Aren't Grandmothers GREAT?

February 15th, 2010

Serenity LOVES to help me make dinner.  She LOVES to help me do anything that makes her feel like a big girl, because she genuinely believes she IS a big girl!  So when it comes time to cook she will scoot her little stool over to the counter and "help" me.  The trouble is... she thinks she can do it BETTER than Mommy. On occasions she's been known to add extra pepper, salt, sugar, or garlic while I'm not looking.  But even after all my experience with her mischief,  nothing could have prepared me for what I found tonight. 

Earlier, I removed my glass baking dish from the cabinet, rinsed any dust particles off and dried it.  Then I set it on the counter next to Serenity. I turned around, grabbed some non-stick aluminum foil and covered the bottom of the dish.  With Serenity by my side, I finished mushing the ingredients of my meatloaf together.  She helped me put the loaf into the pan on top of the aluminum foil.  Finally, we placed the pan in the oven.  Once finished, we all ate.  It was delicious.  After dinner, I went back into the kitchen to start the clean up process.  I carefully removed the used foil and to my surprise found...


                                                     A melted orange crayon!

Yes folks... I baked an orange crayon at 400 degrees for an hour under the foil that contain the meatloaf my entire family consumed! I'm at a complete loss as to WHEN that special ingredient was added to our meal. Although I'm seemingly certain I can guess the WHO! Now I'm not saying I blame any little ornery toddler in particular.  I mean I have no solid proof that any one person is responsible. But... let's just say, I will have extra eyes on one certain little girl the next time she decides to "help" me in the kitchen! :)
             All I can say is... It's a good thing crayons aren't toxic!  :) 

February 24th, 2010

Serenity snuggles up beside me this morning. She has a serious look on her face... a determined expression... as if she's on a mission. She holds her hand up in the air, fingers spread wide apart and with a confident tone she instructs...  "Mommy, hold er hand up like this."   "Why?"  "So I can count er fingers."  "OH... okay!"  So I do as I am told and she begins to count.... "One... two... tree... four...five!  Yay!  I did it!" A smile beams across her face as she adds... "See Mommy... I KNEW I could count on YOU!"  LOL    

             "Yes Honey... You can ALWAYS count on Mommy!"  :)

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